Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

Here is a Mother's Day children's sermon that moms will appreciate. The gift is for mom, and not a single child complained. They understood...

Today I'm going to teach you three things. First I will teach you about
candles, then about mothers, then about Jesus.

(Hold up an unlit candle.) What is this? (a candle) (as you light candle) Is it easy or hard to put out a candle's flame? (easy) How can you put out a candle? (fire extinguisher, blow it, spit on fingers and pinch, use "one of those things":) i.e. a snuffer) Right, it is very easy to put out a candle's flame. Let's blow out our candle now (they blow, what fun!)

Today is Mother's Day. Now I know you all love your mothers, right? Raise your hand if you love your mom (raise both your hands high). Our moms take care of us, help us with homework, fix meals, read to us, what else? (clean the house-moms clean everything!) (fix our bathroom-some moms can be plumbers!) They teach us, take care of us when we get sick, and some moms go to work too! Our moms do everything! They are strong and busy and fun.

But sometimes... sometimes... moms get tired, don't they? (nods) Sometimes moms get headaches, or they get sick, or they just don't feel good, right? (nods) And sometimes moms have tears, don't they? (nods) They can be happy tears, like at a wedding. But sometimes our moms are just very sad and they cry, right? (nods) Then what do we do? Hmm...

Well, I learned something in the bible about Jesus. When Jesus was dying on the cross, He still showed how He cared for His mother. He told His disciple, John, to take care of His mother when He went to heaven. Jesus really cared about His mother.

I learned something else in the bible about Jesus. The bible says Jesus would never snuff out a smoldering wick. This part that we light is the wick. (show them on the candle where it is). It is easy to put it out, but Jesus would never do that. Jesus is careful and gentle with the candle's flame. The candle's flame is like a person's light. We say let your light shine, right?

When someone is feeling tired, or sick, or sad, their light is almost out. Jesus is always gentle with a person who is tired. He is gentle when people are sick. And Jesus is very gentle when someone is sad.

That's what we can do when mom is tired. Be gentle with her. When mom is sick, we can give her a gentle hug or gentle words. When she is sad, a gentle gift can help. I want to give you each a gift for you to give to your mothers. It is a brand new candle just like the one we lit here today. Sometimes a candle with a gentle, soft smell helps moms feel better.

(Make sure everybody gets one.) Bow your heads, close your eyes, fold your hands. Let's thank God for our mothers.

Dear God,
Thank you for our moms. Help us to care for them like Jesus cared for His mother. Help us to be gentle with our mothers. In Jesus name we pray,Amen.

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